Pentair Thermal Management Becomes nVent
- A New Opportunity to Spark Innovation

Your trusted brands RAYCHEM, TRACER, NUHEAT, PYROTENAX and TraceTek are now part of nVent Thermal Management.

The new company website is in development and will be launched in January 2019. Until then, we are happy to serve your information needs through our current website.

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Metallic fixation accessories to install trace heating cables and components


Metallic bands, fixation straps, meshes, tie wire for installing trace heating cables and components

Besides self-adhesive tapes to install trace heating cables, nVent Thermal Management also offers other metallic products to install trace heating cables. These are usually used when the temperatures go outside the range of self-adhesive tapes or when the surface/object makes it difficult to use tapes.

Depending on which heat tracing product to be installed and on what surface, different products are available:

  • HWA-METAL-MESH-SS-50MM-10M: 50mm wide stainless steel metal mesh to cables on odd shaped surfaces and to increase heat transfer.
    Can be used with all cable types
  • HARD-SPACER-SS-25MM-25M: stainless steel strip with clips to install heating cables on vessels. The strip needs to be spot welded to the vessel or tank.
    Can be used with all cable types
  • FT-xx: 1m wide metal mesh to hold cables in place on valves, tanks or other equipment. This product is mostly used with constant wattage trace heating cables and is available in a stainless steel or zinc plated version
  • HWA-PI-FIX-SS-xMM-10M: stainless steel clip band to install nVent RAYCHEM XPI heating on pipes at an even distance. The band is available two sizes depending on the cable diameter
  • PB xxx: stainless steel straps to attach nVent PYROTENAX MI heating cables on pipes. They are available in different sizes
  • SNLS/SNLK: Stainless steel banding (SNLS) on a roll to attach all PYROTENAX MI heating cables on pipes, with separate buckles (SNLK)
  • RMI-TW: stainless steel tie wire to install PYROTENAX MI heating cables on pipes. This product cannot be used with copper and cupro nickel heating cables

To mount support brackets and integrated components onto pipes, nVent Thermal Management offers stainless steels pipe straps in various sizes, reference PSE-xxx.

Refer to the datasheet for more information.


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