Pentair Thermal Management Becomes nVent
- A New Opportunity to Spark Innovation

Your trusted brands RAYCHEM, TRACER, NUHEAT, PYROTENAX and TraceTek are now part of nVent Thermal Management.

The new company website is in development and will be launched in January 2019. Until then, we are happy to serve your information needs through our current website.

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nVent RAYCHEM HIQ Mineral Insulated (MI) Trace Heating Cables


Trace heating cables for frost protection and temperature maintenance up to 600°C

RAYCHEM HIQ mineral insulated (MI) series resistance trace heating cables are suitable for frost protection and temperature maintenance of pipes and tanks/vessels involving temperatures up to 600°C. When the cables are terminated by laser welding, the exposure temperature can go up to 1000°C.

  • Sheath material: Inconel 600
  • Continuous exposure temperature: 700°C (dependent on the splice used)

Key benefits:

  • Very robust
  • Suitable for high power outputs and temperatures
  • Excellent corrosion resistance against organic acids, alkalis and stress corrosion cracking
  • Available with laser welded splice connections
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Fast track service for heating units

TraceCalc Pro design software for safe design, product selection and advanced control and monitoring products complete the RAYCHEM HIQ trace heating system.

RAYCHEM MI heating cables are offered as bulk cable and as pre-terminated heating units. Pre-terminated MI heating units are factory tested and can be directly installed in the field.

Technical Specifications

Sheath materialInconel 600
ConstructionSingle conductor
Maximum power output300 W/m** (typical value, depending on the application)
Nominal voltage U0/U300/500 Vac*
Maximum continuous exposure temperature700°C*
Approved for use in
hazardous areas

For additional information, such as chemical resistance, refer to the product datasheet.

*Max power, voltage and withstand temperature are dependent on joining method. Refer to the datasheet. 

RAYCHEM XMI Heating Cable System Installation

Connection and Protection