Series Polymer Insulated

nVent RAYCHEM’s Polymer Insulated Series Heat tracing cables have been specifically developed to handle freeze protection and temperature maintenance in hazardous environments on long line applications. The XPI family contains three cable types designed with a hybrid construction using seamless PTFE, offering you the following benefits:

  • Easy installation and flexible
  • Safe and reliable performance
  • Part of a complete and proven system:
    • Large range of cable resistances
    • Full range of compatible components
    • System approvals to the latest standards
    • Ten year product warranty
    • Significant stock, available in European warehouse
    • Proved design software, such as TraceCalc Pro

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RAYCHEM XPI range: a fitting cable for every temperature maintenance requirement
RAYCHEM’s XPI cables have long been trusted and recognized for their quality and reliability. With the addition of XPI-F, the RAYCHEM XPI range now covers a broader scale of temperature maintenance requirements.
From applications that require moderate temperature maintenance to those with high temperature maintenance requirements on long circuit lines, vessels and tanks, you can now benefit from the RAYCHEM quality regardless of your application’s specific requirements.

XPI Range Rating Area Impact Resistance
XPI-F 90 ° C/100 ° C Safe and Hazardous 4J
XPI 260 ° C/300 ° C 4J
XPI-S 260 ° C/300 ° C 7J

Connection and Protection